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Sepehr Baft Khavaremianeh Company started its activity in 1390 in Sepehr Nazarabad industrial town in the field of production of “non-woven geotextile” or NOW WOVEN with the aim of domestic and foreign markets.

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سپهر بافت خاورمیانه

about us

Geotextiles are products that are used in foundations, substructures:

Most modern factories have large warehouses or warehouse-like facilities that contain heavy equipment used to produce the assembly line. Large factories with access to different modes of transportation, some of which have rail, highway and water loading and unloading facilities.

The role of road separation, road infrastructure, road surface, railway infrastructure, soil erosion control, water canals, dam construction, drainage, waste control and maintenance, liquid and gas collection system, geomembrane protection, stability and consolidation of railways

These textiles are made of “polyester” or “polypropylene” fibers.

Non-woven textiles have unique properties such as (fast and easy execution, low weight, high strength, low cost, long durability of several decades, less degradation of nature and uniformity in execution)

The first non-woven fabric of human hands is felt, which has several thousand years of roots.

These textiles are not “blur-knit”, but are produced by mechanical, thermal or chemical adhesives.

Title Non-woven textiles are mostly used in medical and civil engineering projects and other industries, which include:
Children and adult clothing
Clothing pad and leather pad
Drying napkins
Isolation and surgical clothing
Types of filters
Types of insulation

Sepehr Baft Middle East Company, in order to continue its quantitative and qualitative activities and its optimal use and customer satisfaction, has defined its strategic orientations in the quality policy of the organization, and with the participation of all employees, institutionalizing it as its top priority. have given.


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With your support, we have succeeded over the years and we are committed to respecting all consumer rights and preventing environmental pollution. Hopefully a smile will be on your lips.

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